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Chandler is located in Maricopa County, Arizona U.S. It is considered a prominent suburban locale. Tempe surrounds it to the north-west, Mesa to the north, Phoenix to the west, Gilbert to the east and the river Gila and Indian territory to the south. This, therefore, means that it is in the Phoenix Arizona Metropolitan Area. According to the census conducted in 2015, the population is close to 270,000 people. It is a place with favorable weather for those seeking a home to inhabit.  And it makes  Condo for sale Chandler AZ  lucrative.


Chandler’s local government consists of a mayor, his deputy, and five other elected officials. Currently, the individuals who occupy the said positions are Jay Tibshraeny, Nora Ellen, Kevin Hartke, Sam Huang, Rene Lopez, Terry Roe, Mark Stewart. They are the individuals tasked with defending the rights of its citizens.

The area’s growth demographic is governed by established companies like Intel which has initiated development strategies in almost four locations in the municipal area. Intel has its first environmentally sustainable factory in Chandler making it an economic hub with lots of employment opportunities. These manufacturing firms have partnered with the local government in Chandler to increase the rate of employment in Chandler. The combined efforts of these two bodies have managed to employ over 25% of the workforce not absorbed by government jobs.


Chandler plays host to over three shopping malls making it an attraction to high-end retailers. The exposure has made Chandler into a trading hub which attracts big businesses such as Wal-Mart which draws other companies from the far south along Hunt Highway. This would bring with it its fair share of the consumer population. This would, in turn, change the view of the more significant Chandler area. The area has a rich history having been founded in the late 19th century by one Dr. Alexander John Chandler who was the pioneer for veterinary surgery in the Arizona area. The town’s economy managed to weather through the great depression. The northern portion of Chandler contains the historic character that the city once held.

The job sector in Chandler is also an attractive attribute with tech companies like Intel having their headquarters in the area. Chandler is rich in history and culture and is the ideal place for any person looking for a change or a bit of adventure in their lives. For potential homeowners in the city of Chandler, I would recommend that you shop fast because the market is flooded with potential buyers hoping to get a piece of Chandler, Arizona.