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Chandler is a city that cherishes education for the young members of the community. The primary school in Chandler is the Chandler Unified School District which serves most of the chandler. There are also other schools around the city like the Kyrene Elementary School and the Tempe Union High School which caters mostly for the residents who live on the western side of the town.


The Eastern side of Chandler is employed by Mesa Schools, and the San Vincente community is operated by the Gilberts Schools. For individuals who might be inconvenienced or uncomfortable with the array of schools stated above can choose to take their children to the variety of alternative schools in the area such as parochial schools, charter schools, Christian schools, magnet schools and the traditional academies. The Chandler-Gilbert Community College that is hosts to over 10,000 students and situated the eastern part of the municipality serves the post-secondary academic needs of the community.

Other educational institutions in the vicinity include the Chandler University which was established in 2011, the Western International University, the Apollo Group Subsidiary University and the ASU (The Arizona State University) which is situated a couple of miles away in Tempe. Chandler is also home to The Chandler Library (a library available to the public) which helps the resident of Chandler and the Phoenix east ravine.

Chandler is among the 100 top communities for the youth in 2011 making this the fifth time the city has been accorded this honor. Chandler has a collaborative program between its schools, organizations, community members and the town itself that earned it the prestigious recognition.