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Chandler has a Community Service Department that serves its residents and the visitors. The program provides cultural, artistic, recreational and educational opportunities for both the locals and the visitors. The department operates the community center, a senior center, two recreational centers and other facilities. Residents are given the opportunity to participate in sporting activities and events which in the end help in strengthening the community bond.

The department also publishes a recreational magazine that is distributed for free for the residents of the city. The department facilitates the provision of a versatile array of team building programs for all ages. These include youth empowering programs, swimming lessons, tennis clinics, senior dance classes and after-school teen-programs. Chandler also hosts a special Olympics which is a great fundraising program for the community. Chandler has an itinerary of city-sponsored events that span over the whole year, so it is a fun-filled society.

Chandler is home to a vibrant culture that has transcended the test of time. Chandler is renowned for hosting its annual ostrich festival which attracts people from all walks of life. Initially, agriculture was the primary source of business in Chandler which involved several ostrich breeding plantations in the area in catering for the demand of the feathered women’s hats. The Ostrich Festival still withholds the legacy. Located downtown is the regional performing arts center.

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The Arizona Railway Museum and the Holocaust and Tolerance Museum are also monuments that hold Chandler’s history. There are other buildings in Chandler which are considered of historical value and have been registered and protected by the Chandler Historical Society. Parks and recreation facilities are also an added advantage for people who want to move into the city.

Chandler has been elected as the 2016 playful city USA community by the nonprofit parks and recreation advocacy organization. Chandler was recognized for taking a priority on play as an essential for the children of the city. Chandler is filled with a lot of recreational amenities, parks and aquatic centers which offer the perfect development environment for children.

Chandler also offers programs that are senior sensitive and don’t discriminate against old age hence even the elderly is welcomed in the midst. The real estate market in Chandler is also improving for investors who would want to turn the property into profit. The type of condominiums available for purchase is incredibly designed to cater to both families and just individuals.