What Is LEED

 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Building

To understand what part a Structural Engineering Design professional plays in LEED, one must understand what LEED offers. LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a program by which certification an area of expertise in green building.

LEED provides a rating scale for the system by which Structural Engineers construct, design, operate, and maintain green buildings. These structures are found in all residential, commercial, and industrial areas who desire to go green with environmentally reliable resources to run more efficiently, breaking away from traditional methods of energy.

What is an Energy Code?

There is a program, known as BECP, enacted by the President called the United States Department of Energy’s Building Energy Codes Program. This program supports more advanced energy codes for residential, commercial, and industrial areas who desire to go green. The focus is on increased efficiency in energy use. BECP works with local, state, national government agencies to support stronger building codes in energy. Responsibility lies in helping states adopt, implement and enforce these regulations.

What Part Do Structural Engineers Play in Energy Codes and LEED?

It is easy to understand the role that a Structural Engineering Design Professional plays in LEED and the Energy Code. This program is devoted to the cause for using less energy, at less cost, using less carbon in residential, commercial, and industrial fields. These professionals design a more efficient structure when rebuilding is in the process. The industrial sector throughout the United States uses nearly 50% of the energy in America. For there to be a solution to America’s energy problem there needs to be energy rules and regulations set into place and the Structural Engineer must abide by these codes.

engineersWhen these strict baseline laws are abided by, businesses show a minimum of energy efficiency. Industries find they use less energy, at a lower cost with less carbon output. BECP helps companies and homes go green. There are two strict codes, one for residential homes and the other for the commercial sector in which the Structural Engineer adheres. At structures, whether private residences, small businesses, or large corporations are built the goal is to create these structures using more energy efficient methods, such as but not limited to Savings Star products, with the goal being, 30% less energy used.

BECP supplies free user guides, training materials, videos, and manuals to make sure the Structural Engineer remains within compliance. Additionally, BECP trains and continuously educates professionals and the community about code requirements, the implementation, and the compliance of energy systems. BECP keeps all entities updated on energy code changes.

BECP sets a standard for architects, designers, engineers, and researchers on state and local codes. This agency offers clarity of code issues and informs people on the different energy systems working as a public advocate across the United States to exceed the minimum and necessary requirements. BECP helps to remove barriers to energy systems, contributes to implementing and assist in the compliance and enforcement of energy codes.